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How To Process Rhubarb For Freezing

rqi Dec 08 2022 By admin
Rhubarb is native to Asia, but it is rarely eaten in Asian countries. Traditional Chinese medicine uses rhubarb as a medicinal material. Rhubarb has been grown and consumed in Europe since the 16th century, eaten as a vegetable in the 18th century, and then exported across the continent, becoming a mainstay in custards, pies and jams.
Rhubarb's bright, plump stems are used to make drinks, sauces, pies, and have a pie flavor known as the "Pie Plant". Rhubarb is relatively sour when eaten raw, but it tastes fresh, and it becomes sweet when cooked, so it is usually eaten cooked. Rhubarb is usually added to many strawberry-based desserts or pies, and rhubarb is also known as the second strawberry. The quick-frozen rhubarb in the supermarket allows us to enjoy the deliciousness of rhubarb at any time. So, do you know how to freeze rhubarb? In the rhubarb quick-frozen processing plant cooperated by our company, we have the answer you want.

1. Why You Need Quick-Frozen Rhubarb

From April to June every year, it is the season when large quantities of rhubarb are on the market, and fresh rhubarb can be bought in supermarkets. After late June, rhubarb is no longer suitable for consumption. People need to find ways to better preserve rhubarb if they want to eat it in other seasons. So everyone quickly frozen the processed rhubarb. The results were unexpected, and the rhubarb was also great for freezing.
The fibrous stalks of rhubarb increase gastrointestinal motility, lower cholesterol, aid digestion, are antioxidant, are extremely low in calories, and are widely appreciated for their health benefits. After fresh rhubarb is picked and undergoes long-distance transportation and storage, its nutrition is constantly lost, and it is easy to rot and deteriorate. After the rhubarb with good maturity and full color and fragrance is picked, the respiration of the rhubarb can be reduced, the freshness can be preserved, and the shelf life of the rhubarb can be extended by quick freezing in time.

2. Quick-Frozen Rhubarb Processing Steps

1. Removing

The leaves and roots of rhubarb are inedible, because they contain a lot of oxalic acid, and eating them by mistake will cause poisoning. Therefore, after harvesting rhubarb, the leaves should be removed and the rhubarb stems should be left.


The rhubarb whose leaves have been removed goes through the elevator and enters the bubble cleaner for cleaning. The unique bubbling cleaning method of the bubble cleaning machine can thoroughly clean the dust on the rhubarb surface. After the rhubarb is cleaned again by the spray device of the bubble cleaner, it enters the next process to ensure the food safety of the rhubarb and save water.

3.Cube Cutting

The washed rhubarb enters the multi-functional vegetable cutting machine through the belt conveyor. The multi-functional vegetable cutting machine automatically and continuously cuts the rhubarb according to the cutting length set in advance. The cut rhubarb has a uniform length and a smooth cut surface. Not only is it beautiful, but it can also suppress the breath of rhubarb and ensure its quality.


After the rhubarb is diced, it is sent to the blanching machine, which is filled with boiling water and can be blanched quickly to keep the rhubarb in good condition.

5. Cooling

Steaming hot rhubarb so badly needed cooling. The cooling here is to use more than one bubble washer, the cold water of the bubble washer is used to lower the temperature, and the rhubarb is washed again.

5. Air Drying

The cooled rhubarb needs to be air-dried, drained or shaken to remove surface moisture. The air knife air dryer dries moisture through strong wind. The vibrating drainer removes moisture from the surface by vibrating. The centrifugal dryer dries the moisture on the surface through the principle of turbine centrifugal.

7. Sorting

Due to the difference in thickness at both ends of the rhubarb, the rhubarb after cutting will look uneven, and the rhubarb with non-uniform specifications can be screened out through the vibrating sieve, making the final product look more beautiful.

8. Freezing Rhubarb

Put the screened diced rhubarb into a stainless steel square plate, be careful not to fill it too thickly, so as not to affect the quick-freezing effect. After installation, put them on the trolley one by one, push them into the quick freezer, set the appropriate temperature -18°C, and they will be quick frozen soon.

9.Packing Frozen Rhubarb

Quick-frozen rhubarb can be packaged into uniform weight specifications by using a multi-head weighing packaging machine, and the product label should be pasted; the packaging is made of transparent polyethylene (PE) bags, and people can see the delicate pink color of rhubarb at a glance when purchasing, which inspires purchases desire.

3. Quick-Frozen Rhubarb FAQ

1. How Do You Cut Rhubarb To Freeze?

At the factory, we use a multi-cutter to chop the rhubarb. The multi-functional vegetable cutter can cut rhubarb into any size; changing the blade can also cut out different shapes. The sharp blade of the multi-function vegetable cutter can ensure continuous and automatic cutting work. The incision of rhubarb is smooth and perfect. The cut rhubarb is like a work of art, and it can also effectively inhibit the breathing of the incision and extend the shelf life of rhubarb.

2. Do You Need To Blanch Rhubarb Before Freezing?

Yes, it need to blanch rhubarb before freezing. Rhubarb has a high water content. After being cut, it will quickly change color and rot, and its nutrients will also be lost quickly. By blanching, rhubarb can maintain its original color and lock in moisture in time. When blanching, you must grasp the time. If you blanch for too long, it will seriously affect the appearance of rhubarb and affect the final sales.

3. Does Rhubarb Need To Be Peeled Before Freezing?

Rhubarb does not need to be peeled before freezing. If you need to make a sauce, if you think the rhubarb skin is hard, you can peel it off.
Does the above introduction about quick-frozen rhubarb give you a preliminary understanding? According to the characteristics of rhubarb, our company has developed and designed a complete automatic quick-freezing rhubarb solution. The processed rhubarb is of high quality and has a long storage time. It is welcomed and recognized by customers in many countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
If you want to know more about quick-frozen rhubarb, please feel free to contact our technical engineers. We will provide customized solutions according to your product specifications and output requirements.