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Ginger Powder Manufacturing Business

rqi Feb 17 2022 By admin
Ginger, as a medicinal and edible seasoning, is spicy and fragrant. Ginger powder is made from ginger, which can be used for seasoning, pickling, and soup making, which is quicker and more convenient to use. The gingerol contained in ginger powder can promote the secretion of digestive juice, and can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine; gingerone and zingerone contained in ginger have antiemetic effects, which can prevent motion sickness and seasickness; mix ginger powder with water, It has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispelling cold, which can prevent the occurrence of colds and promote sweating of the human body. As people's lifestyles focus more and more on simplicity and speed, more processed items will be used. Ginger powder can be used at any time, fast and convenient, and the ginger powder business is promising. This will show information about ginger powder processing manufacturer.
ginger powder processing technology

Ginger Processing Technology

1. Ginger Washing and peeling 
Select fresh ginger, use a brush cleaning and peeling machine to wash and peel the ginger;
2. Ginger Slicing
Use a fruit and vegetable slicer to cut ginger slices;
3. Air dry
Use an air knife air dryer to dry the moisture on the surface of the ginger slices;
4. Ginger Dehydration 
Use fruit and vegetable drying equipment to dry ginger slices;
5. Ginger Powder Grinding
Use a universal pulverizer to grind the dried ginger slices into powder;
6. Ginger Powder Packaging
Weigh and pack by packing machine.

Ginger Processing Factory

To invest in a ginger powder processing plant, you need to be equipped with elevators, belt conveyors, brush cleaning and peeling machines, fruit and vegetable slicers, air knife air dryers, fruit and vegetable drying equipment, universal grinders, packaging machines, etc.
ginger processing factory design

Layout Design For Ginger Processing Plant

According to the production process of ginger powder, the processing plants of ginger powder can be arranged in this order: brush cleaning and peeling machine, belt conveyor, elevator, fruit and vegetable slicer, air knife air dryer, fruit and vegetable drying equipment, universal Crusher, packing machine, etc. The above equipment is centrally arranged, which is convenient for production personnel to operate nearby, reducing the production and processing time of products and improving production efficiency.

The layout of the ginger powder processing plant should not only consider the production part, but also consider the layout of auxiliary facilities, warehouse parts, aisle parts, living administrative facilities, and service departments. The layout of ginger powder processing plants should follow the three principles of economy, convenience and safety.
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