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Ginger Processing Line Technology

rqi Mar 22 2022 By admin
Ginger is a common seasoning ingredient in daily life, which has the effect of removing fishy smell and repelling cold. In addition to being cleaned and processed, ginger can also be made into dried ginger slices, ginger powder, ginger juice, etc. to meet the diverse needs of consumers. This article takes the processing of dried ginger slices as an example to give you an overview of ginger processing technology, ginger process production line, and ginger processing factory.

Ginger Processing Technology

The processing process of dried ginger slices is as follows: ginger promotion - selection - cleaning - peeling - slicing - secondary cleaning - drying - packaging.

Automatic Ginger Processing Machine:

The main equipment included in the ginger processing production line are: scraper elevator, belt conveyor, brush peeling cleaning machine, fruit and vegetable slicer, bubble cleaning machine, continuous mesh belt dryer, vacuum packaging machine.

Ginger Processing Factory:

When planning and constructing a ginger processing factory, the production workshop should not only reasonably set the location of the ginger processing production line, but also do a good job in the connection of each process, so as to save manpower as much as possible. The production workshop also needs to set up staff changing rooms, raw material warehouses, etc., to save the time of raw material transportation and improve the overall work efficiency.
ginger processing factory
In addition to the production workshop, it is also necessary to consider setting up the necessary office areas and living areas, and leave enough transportation channels in the factory area according to the output and transportation needs. All of these require unified planning in the early stage of plant construction to save land and improve work efficiency as much as possible.

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