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What Is Cold Press Juice And the Benefit ?

rqi Apr 29 2019 By admin
We will introduce what is the cold press, the benefit of cold press juice, the difference from normal juice and how cold opredd juice is made. Hope can help you better understand the cold press juice. If you have any problem you can contact us freely. 

What is a cold press?
Cold-pressed juice is a slow-chewing juicer that grinds and grinds fruits and vegetables to extract juice and then filters out the pulp. Cold-pressed juices are made from hydraulic presses that use a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, rather than other methods such as centrifugal or single-screw. The cold press uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the largest amount of liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables. No additional heat or oxygen is used in the process, which means there is no loss of nutrients in the traditional pasteurized heat.
cold pressed juice benefits
The benefits of cold pressed juice:
The cold-pressed juice is refreshing and rich in essential vitamins and minerals. For busy people around the world, cold pressed juice can be the answer to your health prayers. Because cold-pressed juices are particularly exposed to very little heat and air, they retain more of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes found throughout the fruit. Drinking cold-pressed juice is a quick and easy way to ensure that you get enough fruit and vegetables in your diet. It is perfect for sipping anytime, anywhere. Adding cold-pressed juice to your diet is a reliable way to improve your health and ensure you get a lot of good nutrition.
Cold-pressed juice helps relieve the pressure on the body to detoxify. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a stubborn vegetarian, a proud carnivore or a cold couch potato, you can use cold-pressed juice to improve your overall health. They are full of nutrition and are designed to fight toxins, boost immunity and health. Cold pressed juice is so effective and instant because it lacks fiber pulp throughout the fruit and vegetables. Since the body does not have to break the fibers in the digestive system before use, the cold-pressed juice is like lightning in the system. Nutrients immediately enter the body and begin to work. That's why when you drink a cold-pressed juice, you immediately feel the energy. Think about all the alcohol you drink, the processed foods you eat, the refined sugars and carbohydrates you consume, and the environmental pollutants you touch every day. Your body organs are exhausted, trying to keep up and keep the best of the detox process. The three main organs responsible for detoxification are the liver, kidneys and skin. Your juice is clean and you will have more energy, less craving, less bloating, and cleaner skin. Since your body does not need to work hard to detox, you will have the remaining energy for other things.
How is the cold press juicer different from other juicers?
The main difference between cold press juicers and other juicers is the technology used to make juice. Centrifugal juicers use high-speed rotation to squeeze juice from fruits and vegetables, while cold juicers use the technology of replicating chewing to extract the most juices and nutrients from your ingredients.
The difference in taste, quality and pulp level of the juice is obvious. Since the cold pressing method does not generate heat, there is no enzyme loss during the juice extraction process. This means your juice will be fresher, more refreshing, and perhaps most importantly, it will fill the nutrients and vitamins your body needs.
Cold press juicer benefits
The benefits of a cold press juicer are many compared to a centrifugal juicer. Not only can you get higher quality, more nutritious, better-tasting juices, but you can also do more than just juice.
The technology used in cold press juicers means that it is generally more durable and durable than centrifugal juicers. They are more efficient in terms of power and composition (in cold press juicers, the juice yield per ingredient is much higher than in a centrifugal juicer because the cold press process extracts more juice). They also work quieter.
How to make cold pressed juice:
We know what cold pressed juice is and how it differs from freshly squeezed juice. But how is the cold pressed juice made? Cold pressed juice is very different from freshly made juice. The cold-pressed juice is made from a special juicer, which uses a hydraulic press and a slow pulverizer to juice the juice and vegetables with cold press juice machine.
Cold pressed juice protects and preserves the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. Since the cold press juicer presses the product to extract juice, it does not involve heat. This means you still get all the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. When you drink cold-pressed juice, you get 100% vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients.
High-efficiency cold pressed juice business:
Cold pressed juice can cost up to $10 to 16 ounces of bottle or up to $1212 ounces. So why is it so expensive? One reason is the amount of product squeezed in a bottle. For example, green juice is bottled with six pounds per 16 ounce bottle. Starbucks Evolution Juice contains 1-2 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables in its 15.2 ounce bottle. Los Angeles contains 3 to 6 pounds per 16 ounce bottle.
In contrast, orange juice contains juice from 16 oranges in a 59 ounce container, producing about 4 oranges per 16 ounces. If the average orange weighs about 7 ounces, the orange in the 16-ounce Tropicana orange juice is about 1.75 pounds. Obviously, comparing the weight of green leafy vegetables with oranges is not perfect, but the focus remains: cold pressed juices contain a lot of products compared to standard juices. The profits are even richer. If you need to start the cold press juice business, contact us freely. Email: wendy@machinehall.com