Fresh Sweet Corn Blanching Machine

fresh cron blanching machine
sweet corn blanching and cooking machine
The corn blanching machine is a new product developed with blanching, sterilizing and cooling function. The purpose is to sterilize and blanch the corn after cleaning. After the corn is sterilized, the astringent layer on the surface of the corn is removed, so that the corn is better bagged.
fresh corn blanching machine for sale
Corn blanching machine, also known as blanching cooler, is an important pre-treatment process for corn processing. It is a sterilization, blanching and fixing operation for corn after cleaning. 

Corn blanching machine work principle:
The principle is to blanch in hot water up to 98 degrees. The temperature and time for blanching can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the characteristics of corn. It is characterized by fast killing of greens, inhibition of enzyme protection and timely dehydration and cooling. It is completed in one time to keep the corn as it is. The natural color can make corn treatment better. The equipment adopts fully automatic feeding and discharging operation, and is automatically connected to the corn cleaning machine to become an assembly line. The machine can be set to steam heating or electric heating according to the actual production situation of the customer.
We are a professional manufacturer of food processing equipment. The corn processing equipment and equipment produced include corn cutter, corn sorting machine, corn cleaning machine, corn blanching machine, corn vacuum packaging machine, corn freezing machine, etc., form an assembly line production, large output and high efficiency. The parameters of each single machine are customized according to the actual production needs of customers, ensuring the practicability of the equipment
Technical Data
Machine Model Size(MM) Weight(KG) Mesh belt width(MM)
Corn blanching machine GGPLQ/D3500 3700*1400*2300 750 800
GGPLQ/D4000 4200*1400*2300 950 800
GGPLQ/D5000 5200*1400*2300 1100 800
GGPLQ/D6000 6200*1400*2300 1300 800
GPLQ/D7000 7200*1400*2300 1500 800

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