Frozen Corn Production Line With 500KG/H

Full Automatic Frozen Corn Production Line
sweetcorn freeze processing plant cost
The Frozen Corn Production Line is mainly used for the quick-freezing processing of fresh corn, and can also be used for the quick-freezing of other types of vegetables (such as peas, green beans, diced vegetables,potato,fries french, etc.).
Frozen Corn Production Line consists of automatic conveying threshing and impurity removing system, washing and bleaching cooling system,  quick-freezing machine, frozen corn sorting system, etc.
Frozen Corn Production Line Manufacturer
Features of Frozen Corn Production Line:
1.The fresh corn freeze process line is equipped with whole complete machine from thresh to pack corn.
2. The whole frozen corn production process is automatic conveying processing. High degree of automation, reducing labor cost.
3. The corn after frozen processing are of good quality, no impurities, good color, good appearance, clear size and specifications.
4: Machine made with high-quality SUS304 stainless steel.
5: Corn kernels have high quick-freezing efficiency and high-quality frozen corn kernels.
6: The frozen machine is easy to clean, simple to operate, and low energy consumption.
Technical Data
1 Fresh corn thresher Machine Size:1300*600*1250MM
2 Washing Machine Machine Size:3500*1500*1300MM
3 Blaching Machine Size:5200*1600*2300MM
4 cooling Machine Size:5000*1500*1500
5 picking Machine Size:3000*1200*900MM
6 Removing water Machine Size:1800*1230*1020MM
7 Air drying machine Machine Size:5000*1200*1500MM
8 Hoist Machine Size:2000*1100*1900
9 Vibrating Feeder Machine Size:1800*1230*1800MM
10 IQF Freeze Machine Machine Size:8200*4200*3300MM
11 Storage hopper Machine Size:500*500*1000MM
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