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In the processing of onion, there are onion peeling, onion powder production line, fried onion production line and so on. According to the different needs of customers, we can provide different onion processing production lines.
Whether it is an onion grower or an onion importer and exporter, onion processing is a channel to increase higher value. For onion peeling production, we provide this onion peeling and dicing production line.
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The onion peeling and cutting production line mainly includes onion root cutting machine, onion peeling machine, onion cutting machine, Cutted onion packaging machine, etc.
Onion storage:
1.Material: The overall carbon steel of the silo, the surface is painted
2. The foot has lockable wheels and is equipped with a ladder for workers to climb up to observe the cutting condition
3. Storage capacity: It can accommodate 1.35 tons to 1.5 tons of onions, and one side of the silo is opened for cleaning.
4. When there are only 300kg of onions left in the silo, the silo will alarm, prompting workers to load. It is very intelligent and solves the procedure of manual review, helping customers to process onions more efficiently.
Onion peeling machine
The onion peeling can handle onions from 40mm to 120mm in size. The onion peeling machine works by using compressed air to separate the onion skins. During the peeling process of the onion, the onion does not undergo hardness friction at all, which can ensure the integrity, freshness and pollution-free of the onion, while saving electricity and energy, high yield and high efficiency, and convenient cleaning.
The whole onion peeling machine is made of 304 food grade stainless steel, which is not afraid of onion oil corrosion. The machine has the advantages of high peeling rate, no damage to onions, high peeling efficiency, and simple operation.
Onion peeling machine. Equipped with waste collection device, negative pressure fan, etc., to ensure that the blown off onion skin can be automatically adsorbed and collected into cloth bags, which can protect the environment of the factory and avoid the pollution of the factory by onion waste skin.
Onion Root Cutter:
The onion root cutter can process up to 1000 kg of onions per hour. Ensure the cutting speed of the onion. It is very effective for fully automatic processing of onions. Increase productivity and save labor. In addition to this, we can design to add lockable wheels to the bottom if needed.
Pick belt:
Two stations pick onions with poor peeling effect. The total length of the conveyor belt is 3 meters, the width of the conveyor belt is 800mm, and there is a turning device to adjust the onion conveying direction. The baffle plate on the conveyor belt can rotate around the o point, and can stay at A and B to meet the different flow directions of the material
Onion Cutting:
This cutting machine can dice onions. Different shapes and sizes can be cut. The onion chopper can be used alone or in combination with other equipment. Not only onions but also other vegetables can be cut.
Onion Cutting Shape Cutting Size
Cube 10*10MM
Slice 10MM
Weighing Packaging Machine:
The cutted onions are then packaged. Set the weight of each package of onions, it will be canned and sealed automatically. If customers need fully automatic equipment, we can provide weighing and packaging machines. If the customer has a limited budget and wants to start the onion business at a low cost, our factory can also provide simple weighing equipment and sealing equipment.
We can increase efficiency (reduce manual work), extend service life (reduce cost of ownership) and improve the quality of onions at the end of production.
Regarding the onion processing production line, we can provide the onion processing production line that meets the customer's requirements according to the customer's different finished product needs and output requirements. Contact us for more information on onion processing.
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