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eletric onion cutting machine
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The onion rings cutting machine is multi-functional, and it is also suitable for other vegetables and fruits, such as potatoes, carrots, white potatoes, green roots, sweet potatoes, lotus, apples, pears, etc., to slice these materials.
electric onion dicer
After the onion is sliced, the onion rings can be fried in sauce. In addition to onion slicing, we also have onion dicing machines for customers to choose from.
Advantages of onion cutting machine:
①cutting with a rotating cutter; the slice thickness is uniform, and the cut surface tissue is fresh without destroying the fibrous tissue of the fruit and vegetable
②The product slice thickness can be adjusted
④Multiple inlets to meet different sizes of onions
⑤High efficiency and low energy consumption
⑥The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, safe, hygienic, beautiful and durable
⑦Mute universal wheel, easy to move and will not cause excessive noise.
Technical Data
Power 0.75kw
Voltage 220v/380v 
Capacity 600-800Kg/h
Weight 100Kg
Dimension 650*550*900mm

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