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Mango drying machine also called mango dehydration machine. The mango drying machine can effectively guarantee the quality of the taste and shape of the dried mango. The mango dehydrator machine is multifunctional, which reduces the investment cost and improves the equipment utilization and effective utilization.
dried mango processing machine
Commercial mango drying machine features:
1. Convenient installation: convenient installation and demolition, small footprint, mango fruit drying machine can be installed indoors and outdoors;
2. High efficiency and energy saving:Power consumption is only 1/4 of the heater, which can save about 75% of operating costs.
4. Safe and reliable operation: The entire system operates without the dangers of flammable, explosive, poisoning and short circuit that may exist in traditional dryers. It is a safe and reliable fully enclosed drying system.
5, long service life, low maintenance costs .
6, high degree of intelligence:Automatic temperature control device, continuous drying operation for 24 hours.
7, the scope of application is large: dried mango, apple slices, pineapple slices, edible mushrooms, vegetables, potato chips, ginger slices, peanuts and other drying.
The dried mango processing machines also have mango washing machine,mango slicing machine,dried mango packing machine ect. If you need cost of mango machine, contact us freely or leave message on our website.
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