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The IQF asparagus production line is processed by peeling, grading, and processing fresh asparagus quickly through the quick-freezing tunnel, and then vacuum packaging. In the process of processing, asparagus vitamins and other soluble and easily decomposable human body active ingredients are almost not damaged or lost. It is currently the most effective, highest quality and most promising one in fresh vegetable processing. We provide advanced quick-frozen asparagus processing complete sets of equipment, use modern technology for production, and help customers increase the production efficiency of asparagus.
freezing asparagus
The specific asparagus quick freezing process:
1: Raw material acceptance: select asparagus with a length between 18 and 20 cm, the color is normal green. Asparagus needs to be placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
2: Cutting asparagus: cut the raw materials after rough classification to the specified length
3: Grading asparagus: Re-classify carefully according to different lengths, requiring non-cascade, non-mixing flowing water bubble cleaning machine to clean, bleach away residue and foreign matter.
4: Blanching asparagus: Put the cleaned product directly on the mesh belt of the blanching machine. The blanching water temperature is ≥95℃, and the speed of the blanching machine is 12-50 revolutions. According to different specifications, it is blanched internally (the enzyme loses activity after inspection) , But it is not scorched; in the actual work, in order to facilitate the control, the operating limit is set, the blanching temperature is ≥98℃, and the speed of the blanching machine is 13-49 revolutions.
5: Cooling: The hot dishes are immediately put into room temperature water and ice water to cool, so that the product temperature is quickly reduced, and the product temperature after cooling should be less than 15 degrees Celsius
6: Drain and cool the product with a vibrating screen for 10-30 seconds
7: Quick-freezing asparagus: The quick-freezing machine loads materials below -30 degrees Celsius, and the unqualified products are quickly selected on the mesh belt when feeding; the temperature of the product center at the outlet must reach -18 degrees Celsius
8: Selection: The products of the lower freezer are selected on the workbench to remove different colors, broken bars and tip damage
9: Bagging: The product is packed in plastic bags, large bags should be folded, and small bags should be sealed. Metal detection "Large packages pass through metal detectors before weighing, and small packages can be sealed.
10: CCP3 metal detector, test piece specifications: Fe diameter 1.2 mm, Sus diameter 1.5 mm
11: Sealing marks are required to be clear and correct for the production date of the inner and outer packaging, its batch, specification, and code. The sealing is firm and the number of bags is correct.
12: Storage is stored in stacks according to specifications and batches, and the storage temperature is kept below -18 degrees Celsius.
This is a common quick freezing process of asparagus, if you have your own quick freezing process, you can tell us. Our factory can provide customized quick freezing solutions.
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