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fruit vacuum freeze drying machine
vacuum freeze drying machine price
vacuum freeze drying machine
Fruit vacuum freeze drying machine is called freeze dryer, which is a kind of equipment used to dry different types of materials to extend their storage time. There are many types of dryers, and drying by freezing is a suitable equipment for producing high-quality dry products.
Through freeze-drying, the fruit food is completely frozen to -40°C and then heated. The material is in a frozen state during the entire drying process until it is completely dried. Because drying is carried out in a vacuum state, there is very little oxygen, so there will be no oxidation reaction, and the appearance and color are protected; drying can remove more than 95-99% of moisture, so that the frozen dried fruit is not easy to deteriorate in long-term storage. Therefore, the freeze-dried product maintains the original shape and color, without loss of biological activity and no loss of nutrition. Freeze drying is currently widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, scientific research and other sectors.
vacuum freeze drying machine price
Significant advantages of vacuum freeze dryer manufacturers:
1. Maintain biological activity
In order to maintain biological activity as much as possible, the material must be in a low temperature environment. Our solution is to completely freeze the liquid water in the material into a solid state. During the whole heating process, the water in the material is in a solid ice state until the material is completely dry. Therefore, the biological activity is largely preserved.
2. No damage to nutrition
Heating is undoubtedly the main cause of nutritional impairment. By using our freeze dryer, heat treatment is performed after the material is completely frozen to the state of ice. Therefore, it usually retains 97% of its nutritional value.
3. Taste, color and appearance
After being freeze-dried by our vacuum freeze drying machine price, the freeze-dried product still retains almost the same color and appearance as the original ingredients. The volume of the freeze-dried material does not change, that is, the appearance does not shrink or harden. Only in this way can high-quality freeze-dried foods be welcomed by users and freeze-dried products can have good sales.
Technical Data
Model GG-5M2
Control method Automatic PLC control
The machine body material 304 stainless steel
Drying area 5m2
Capacity 50kg/time
Tray size 1300*580*40mm
Tray quantity 7 pcs
Tray material Aluminium alloy
Clapboard medium Conduction oil
Vacuum pump Rotary vane pump
Vacuum degree ≦130 Pa
Defrosting way Hot water spray
Compressor Bizl
Rated power 17kw

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