Frozen Seafood Machine Meat Quick Freezing Machine

Quick-frozen seafood can maintain their original status relatively completely, and single-frozen seafood are suitable for demolition and sale and home cooking, with promising sales prospects.
Processing technology of quick-frozen seafood processing products:
(1) Shrim Freezing Process flow
    Raw material acceptance → raw material storage → raw material thawing → peeling shrimp → acceptance → cleaning → soaking → killing green → cooling → sub-specification → freezing → ice-coating → metal detection → packing → refrigerated transport
 (2) Frozen seafood machine operation points
① Raw material acceptance: check the quality of raw materials
②Shrimp peeling: Pay attention to the shape of the shrimp body, and cannot cause man-made bad products.
③Cleaning: Wash away impurities attached to the surface of shrimp.
④ Soaking: The soaking time is 18h, and a special person should stir it every hour to make the shrimp soak fully
⑤ Killing green: The killing machine is usually heated by steam, the temperature is controlled at (98 ± 2) ℃, and the killing time is 3 ~ 5s, which depends on the size of the shrimp. The killing water is changed every 2h.
⑥Cooling: Change the water every 2h to prevent the increase of microorganisms. At the same time, the cooling water temperature is controlled to <16 ° C, then soaked in ice water (<5 ° C) for 20s, and finally covered with ice to ensure that the shrimp body temperature is sufficiently low.
⑦Specifications and selection specifications: Center mantissa included in each pound.
⑧Freeze: Freezing temperature -31 ~ -24 ℃, frozen product center temperature -18 ℃.
The rapid freeze speed of the tunnel freeze dryer greatly improves the freeze output. The operation of the mesh belt is infinitely variable and the speed range is wide. The user can change the running speed of the mesh belt according to the different materials, thereby changing the freezing time. This series of freezer can freeze a variety of small-sized products such as vegetable and fruit cubes.
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