IQF Frozen Peas Processing Plant

IQF Frozen Peas Processing Plant cost
The Frozen Peas Processing Plant is a process of peas washing, blanching, and quick-freezing peas and packaging for storage. We provide IQF Frozen Green Peas Processing Machinery that are very cost effective, easy to handle and low maintenance.
Frozen green peas processing includes:
First remove the light foreign matter, pods and leaves from the pea pods. Wash the peas and remove sand, stones, etc. in the sink. After that, it is put into a hot bucket for blanching and cooling, then the cooler is stored in IQF for freezing, and finally weighed and packed.
Green peas processing unit main machine:
Pea pods remove machine:-Pea pods are specifically designed for depoding pea pods. 
Elevator-Conveys green peas to a winnower.
Peas Washing machine-washing peas, removing dirt, foreign matter, etc.
Conveyor-Helps move green beans from one place to another.
Peas Blanching machine- used for bleaching of fruits and vegetables. Used to blanch and increase the shelf life of peas.
Air-drying equipment-removes surface moisture from fruits. Increase shelf life of peas.
Freezer / IQF tunnel freeze-drying equipment is a special category of freezers used at very low temperatures. The material is fully exposed to the strong cold wind, the frozen food is delivered, and the material is not agglomerated, forming a separate entity. Preserve food to prevent microbial growth.
The number and size of the frozen peas processing machines depends on the capacity of the frozen green peas manufacturers factory. As food processing equipment manufacturer, we provide customized services on the frozen peas process machine, so our solution can be tailored to the customer's scale of operation. Please contact us for your pea processing solution for free. Email:
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