Industrial Frozen Okra Processing Line Okra Cutting Washing Freezing Machine

Okra processing machine
okra cutting machine
okra industrial quick freezing machine
frozen okra production line
Okra processing line is to make frozen okra from fresh picked okra. The frozen okra production line consist: okra cutting machine, sorting machine, washing machine, blanching machine and colling machine,IQF freezer, Weighting and packing .
fresh picked okras are transferred to factory for further processing. Chopping off the top stalk end and the tail of the ladies fingers.
Okra also called ladies' fingers , is popular and healthy vegetable that are widely found in various cuisines. And enjoyed by people of all ages around the world.
frozen okra processing line flow chart

Frozen Vegetable Okra Line Profess Steps Show:

Okra Cutting Machine:

The okras are cut into smaller pieces with various sizes. The okras are Sliced into 12-15 mm / 12-15mm in diagonal thick rounds

Cutted Okra Sorting Show:

The sliced okras are sorted on inspection belt for infection and foreign matter. So as to ensure the consistent quality of raw materials

Okra Washing Machine:

The okra is washed to remove foreign materials like soil & so on. The cut okras are washed and cleaned again to eliminate debris during the cutting process. Washing with 25-50ppm hypochloride for 5min. The cut okras are washed with treated water

Ladies' fingers  Blanching and cooling:

Cleaned cut okras are blanched in hot water for a short period of time.
Blanching is for killing enzymes and-preseringthe color and taste of the okra.Then the blanched okras are cooled down to 10-12 degrees for further processes. workers inspect the blanched and cooled okra to remove defective ones.

Okra Industrial freezer(IQF)

vibrating shaker is used in order to remove excess water from-product
This dewatering precess can remove the extra water from blanched okra. Before freezing , which can ensure the good quality of frozen okra. IOF Okra deer frozen at-18 degree celsius. The sliced okras are sorted on inspection belt for infection and foreign matter. So as te ensure thecensistent quality of raw materials.

Weighting and packing :

The graded frozen okras are accurately weighted and packed. Frozen Okra cuts are packed on modern automated packing lines. 

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