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Dried chili and chili powder processing plant adopt high-quality drying technology, so that the dried chili will sell well, increase the selling price of dried chili, and at the same time, help customers save energy and save chili drying processing costs.
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Pepper powder manufacturing process mainly includes:

Fresh pepper picking, transportation and storage, washing , drying, grinding, packing and storage, etc.
The most important part of the chilli powder processing plant is the chili drying processing. Since peppers are very sensitive to humidity, they will not deteriorate unless the humidity range is kept within a suitable range. Therefore, it is very necessary to dry fresh peppers. If there is a set of intelligent and efficient automatic drying equipment, it will It will provide a strong guarantee for the drying of peppers.

Our pepper drying equipment of chili powder processing plant has the following characteristics:

Automation: It can realize the pepper drying method of automatic feeding, automatic drying, and automatic discharging in pepper powder manufacturing process .
Continuous work: capable of continuous drying in large quantities for 24 hours. It is very import in the chili powder processing plant.
Intelligent control production: The application of intelligent and centralized control system can always control the temperature and duration of the pepper drying process within a reasonable range.
Efficient and energy-saving: The traditional method of drying peppers is sun exposure. The dried chili are of good quality processed by our chili drying processing machine. The dryer machine will use less labor, short processing cycle, large output, relatively low requirements on the site, and the hygiene of the peppers is guaranteed.
The scale of pepper planting has greatly increased with the development of agricultural modernization and the strengthening of industrial concentration. It is difficult to solve the problem of dehydration and drying by only relying on open air to concentrate mature peppers in the harvest season. We can provide suitable chili drying machine according to the specific needs of customers. It can save more than 50% of energy compared with traditional agricultural roasting houses. The chili powder processing line it is the best choice for the majority of pepper planting cooperatives and agricultural companies. Contact us now for the latest dried chili pepper processing solutions.
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