High Efficiency Potato Chips Cutting Slicer Machine For Sale

potato chips cutting machine
commercial potato chip slicer
potato chips cutter machine
What is automatic potato chips cutting machine?

The automatic potato chips cutting machine is used to cut potatoes into slices with high efficiency after the washing and peeling potato. The finished products after our potato chips cutter machine can be used to produce potato chips,and the finished products have uniform thickness, smooth surface, without damage.It will be easy for  slicing potatoes with adjustable thickness.

automatic potato chips cutting machine high quality

Why you need commercial potato chips slicer?
  • You are a potato chip producer and want to slice potatoes quickly and efficiently to facilitate the production of potato chips.
  • You have your own potato chip processing plant, you need to replace the previous potato chips cutting machine.
  • You want to start a small potato chip production business and want to know the machine first.
  • You want to expand your potato chip production business and transform your potato chip production business
  • You want to buy a low-priced potato chip cutting machine to meet your budget requirements.
chips cutter machine price for sale

Why choose Gelgoog potato chips cutter machine?
  • The potato chips slicer machine price is low and suitable for food processors who are just getting started.Or need to make potato chips making business.
  • The thickness of the machine slice can be adjusted according to the needs of customers. The slice thickness can be adjusted at 0.5-3mm.
  • The machine is easy to operate, and the slicing effect is good, which greatly reduces the labor level.
  • The machine has high slicing efficiency and low breaking rate, which is beneficial to increase the output.
  • The machine is made of high quality stainless steel and is more in line with international food safety standards.

If you dont know how to choose a one set suitable potato chips cutting machine, you can see Where I Buy Cut Chips Machine In Worthing 
Technical Data
Output 1000 kg/h
Power 1.1 kw
Voltage 380v/50Hz
Dimension 1100*600*1500 mm
Weight 200 kg

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