Leaf Vegetable Cutting Machine For Sale

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vegetable cutting machine
industrial vegetable slicer machine
What is the Multifunctional Vegetable Cutting Machine?
The leafl vegetable cutting machine simulates the principle of manual cutting, has smooth cutting surface, high cutting speed and stable performance. The machine can cut potato slice, shred, cube and especially used for cutting the leafy vegetable segment and chopper.

Why you need the Industrial Vegetable Slicer Machine?
  • More convenient for food processing. Our industrial vegetable slicer machine is widely used in the vegetable food processing factory, suitable for any size and requirement for food processing factory.
  • Improve the capacity. The machine has high capacity and working speed.
  • Expand your production scale. By using our machine, you can have a big production, thus improve your scale of the company.
  • Begin your business. You can start your business by using our machine in a small scale, then develop into the bigger business.
  • Convenient use in hotels. Our machine has easy operation and adjustable cutting size, can meet your different demand.

Why choose our Commercial Electric Vegetable Chopper?
  • Adjustable cutting size.The slice cutting size is from 1mm to 3mm adjustable, shred section width of 1-25mm.
  • Big capacity of 1000kg/h.
  • The vegetable has smooth surface, tissue cells of the cut vegetables are not destroyed, and the original fresh vegetables can be kept.
  • The machine is easy to operate, easy to maintain and adaptable.
  • The length of the vegetable cut can be adjusted by adjusting the running speed of the two belts.
  • The Dish guardrail can prevent mistakes in operation and cause accidental injury.
  • Premium conveyor belt. Made of high quality rubber material, high efficiency and wear resistance.
  • Waterproof protection on the switch, safe and secure.
  • There is a sliding wheel on the machine, so you don't have to lift it to use it.
Technical Data
Model GGQC-1000
Power 1.5kw 380V
Capacity 1000 KG/H
Dimension 1302*512*1052mm
Weigh 380 kg

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