Commercial Vegetable Cutting Machine With Double Frequency

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What is the Commercial Vegetable Cutting Machine With Double Frequency?
Our commercial vegetable cutting machine with double frequency suitable for the root vegetables, such as potato, cucumber,carrot, onion, etc and leafy vegetable processing.Mainly used to cut the vegetable into slice, strip, shred shape and chopper the vegetable. You can get the different cutting speed and cutting size by changing the double frequency modulation. 
vegetable cutting machine with double frequency
Why you need the Vegetable Cutting Machine Industrial?
  • For food processing plants. Our machine is an ideal equipment in the food processing factory, it can improve the working efficiency.
  • Used in the school canteen. It can be used in the school canteen which uses high quality stainless steel, can guarantee the food health.
  • Suitable for restaurant. The machine can cut the vegetable same, has good cutting shape.
  • Start your own business. You can use our machine to start your own business, with easy operation and principle.
  • Save the labor. The machine has high output and uniform cutting, saving time and effort and saving money.
Why choose our Vegetable Cutting Machine With Double Frequency?
  • Convenient speed and cutting size adjust. The conveyor speed and rotary speed are independently adjusted by the inverter.
  • Easy to cut and clean the cutter head, easy to operate.
  • HIgh capacity of 800-1500kg/h adjustable.
  • Multi-purpose machine, you can get the vegetable slice, shred, strip, chopper in one machine.
  • The cutting size can be changed from 1mm to 60mm.
  • The whole machine is made of stainless steel, meets food safety and hygiene standards.
Technical Data
Model GG-306
Dimension (mm) 1020*760*1370
Voltage 220V/380V
Power 1HP+2HP
Capacity 800-1500kg/h
Net Weight 140kg
Cutting Size 0-60mm can adjust
Width of belt 165mm

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