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How To Start Profitable Tomato Sauce Business

rqi Jul 12 2022 By admin
Tomato sauce is a common western food seasoning, which is beautiful in color and rich in nutrition. In addition to lycopene, tomato sauce also contains B vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, protein, and natural pectin. Compared with fresh tomatoes, the nutrients in tomato sauce are more easily absorbed by the body. With the popularity of western food, tomato sauce has entered thousands of households. The widely popular tomato sauce has broad market prospects. For food industry practitioners, How to start tomato sauce business will be an important question.
 fresh tomato to make tomato sauce

1. Market Research Of Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Plant

Market research is the starting point for the tomato sauce project. The research mainly focuses on the raw material acquisition cost and sales channels of tomatoes. In the early stage, we need to understand the source of tomatoes, whether they are grown by themselves or harvested from tomato farms. Demand in the tomato sauce market: Is the local market accustomed to using sachet-packed tomato sauce or bottled tomato sauce? Demand for ketchup flavors: sweet or savory? These are the questions we need to understand.

2. Confirm The Start-Up Capital Of The Tomato Sauce Factory

After the project profit is verified, the tomato sauce project can be officially launched. Confirmation of funding budget is essential. Because the factory planning, equipment procurement, and labor costs in the project all require sufficient funds. In addition, you can also pay attention to whether there are local financial support policies for food processing projects to reduce investment pressure.
 tomato sauce factory cost

3. Tomato Sauce Factory Planning

According to the local tomato reserves and production estimates, the design and planning of the tomato sauce factory can be started. When planning the factory, the production area, living area and storage area should be fully considered, and sufficient freight channels should be reserved. If you don't have your own plan, you tell us your needs and our team can also help you to design the tomato sauce factory.

4, Choose Appropriate Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Plant

 Equipment selection is the key to the success of the tomato sauce business project. Because the tomato sauce manufacturing machine is related to the production efficiency, cost and the quality of the finished product. The equipment included in the tomato sauce project mainly includes tomato washing machine, tomato crusher, pulper, vacuum thickener, sterilizer, filling machine, etc. The tomatoes are preheated, crushed, separated, concentrated, sterilized and filled in a sterile environment. The tomatoes are processed in a closed environment throughout the process to retain the original flavor and nutrition of the tomato sauce.
 tomato sauce manufatcuring machine
The tomato sauce manufacturing plant developed by our company (the part in contact with the material) is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and hygienic. Large capacity, high work efficiency, and significantly improved output. It has a wide range of applications and can meet the needs of cross-season compound production of various products such as carrot jam, strawberry jam, chili jam, and blueberry jam.
If you want to start tomato sauce business, our company can provide integrated professional services including market research, factory planning, equipment purchase, etc., to provide you with the greatest help for the smooth development of tomato sauce business.

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