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How Do Companies Get Pomegranate Seeds Out?

rqi Jun 24 2022 By admin
Pomegranate seeds contain a powerful antioxidant "Punicalagin" that is almost three times more active than red wine or green tea. In addition, punicic acid obtained from pomegranate seeds has many biological effects. Due to its properties, pomegranates have always been a fruit in high demand on the world market, and despite the increase in the area of ​​pomegranate orchards in many countries of the world, the price of pomegranates on the world market is still increasing. Pomegranate seeds are rich in water and are very delicious, but they are not easy to peel. Not to mention pomegranate juice, it will damage a lot of pomegranate seeds.
For obtaining pomegranate seeds industrially, not only efficiency, but also minimizing damage to pomegranate seeds should be considered. Today, let's take a look at how pomegranate seeds are obtained in the industry.

1. How Do Companies Get Pomegranate Seeds Out?

Pomegranates have a thick skin, and the skin contains a lot of soluble substances with unpleasant flavors. When making pomegranate juice, these substances must be avoided from entering the juice, so the pomegranate skin should be removed before obtaining pomegranate juice. Due to the different sizes and shapes of pomegranates, the cortex is hard, contains high tannin, and has an inner membrane, and the grains are easily broken. In the industry, manual peeling and membrane removal are also used.
Of course, the industrial acquisition of pomegranate seeds is still dominated by food processing machinery. Put the whole pomegranate into the pomegranate peeling equipment, and the pomegranate skin and seeds are separated by pressing. The peeled pomegranate peels are thrown from the back of the peeling machine, and the pomegranate seeds are peeled and fall under the machine. This way we can easily get pomegranate seeds. Not only is it fast, but you can also get safe and hygienic pomegranate seeds.
Machine That Peels Pomegranate

2. Is There a Machine That Peels Pomegranate?

The working principle of the pomegranate peeling machine is that the pomegranate enters the upper crushing device from the feeding hopper, and the whole pomegranate is squeezed and cut into several small pieces through the relative extrusion of the crushing roller and the sharp pressure of the blade on the roller. The crushing roller of the crushing device on the pomegranate peeling machine is made of stainless steel, and the gap between the two rollers can be adjusted to 20-30mm. Then enter the lower crushing device for the second crushing. The lower crushing roller is made of non-toxic and high-elasticity rubber, which has less damage to the pomegranate peel and seeds, and the gap between the two rollers can be adjusted to 10-20mm. After two-stage crushing, the pomegranate that has been basically separated from the skin and seeds falls into the separation device (the combination of the separation shaft and the rotary screen) equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation. Under the rotation of the separation shaft and the separation device, the pomegranate seeds and some juice It leaks from the sieve hole and enters the next process through the discharge port, and the pomegranate peel is discharged from the tail of the equipment.
Pomegranate peeling machine equipment is developed by our company on the basis of foreign technology. It is used to separate pomegranate peels and is an essential equipment for pomegranate deep processing. If you have industrial requirements for obtaining pomegranate seeds, please contact us.