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Banana Chips Slicer Machine Manufacturer

rqi Sep 25 2019 By emily
Do you find it troublesome when you slice a banana?And slice very slowly, right? Don't worry. As a banana slicer machine manufacturer, we have learned about the needs of banana chips cutting machine. Our company's product department has developed an advanced banana slicer machine.The banana chips cutting machine can not only be used to slice bananas, there are many different diameters on the machine, suitable for various types of fruit and vegetable slices, one machine can be used as multiple machines.

banana chips cutting machine

As a banana slicer machine manufacturer, our banana chips cutting machine can help you solve many slicing problems:

  • It is difficult to guarantee the uniform thickness of the banana slices by hand, and the thickness of the banana slices is not controlled accurately.The thickness of the machine slice is uniform, and the slice thickness can be set as required
  • Manual slicing speed is slow and more dangerous.The machine slice efficiency is high, the output is big, satisfies the production need.
  • It is difficult to cut bananas well by hand, which will cause waste of materials.Machine slicing can ensure slicing banana smooth without damage, reduce raw material consumption, reduce production costs.
  • Banana slicer machine orice in Philippines is cheap and can recover costs in a short time, creating higher profits than those produced by hand.
comparison of manual cutting and machine cutting

Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional research and development and manufacturing of banana chips cutting company, including automatic & small-scale banana chips processing line. Over the years, our banana slicer  machine, with its advanced technology, high quality has won the customer widespread high praise, in addition, we have the right price, perfect service, but also provide customers with more considerate service and guarantee. We will continue to improve and develop our technology, to produce better machines can meet your requirements.If you are inetersested in the machine,please contact to me freely.

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