Carrot Washing Peeling Machine With Polishing Function

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The carrot washing and peeling machine also have polishing function. Wash,peel and polish carrot at same time. Save time and Labor. Great machine for carrot process business. Such as carrot juice,carrot chips, frozen carrot ect. The carrot washing and peeling machine also suitable for potato,reddish,sweet potato,cassava ect.
The carrot cleaning machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, sturdy and durable, does not tolerate damage, beautiful appearance and convenient operation.
 carrot washing and polishing machine for sale
If you want to further process carrot such as diced carrots, squeezed carrots, dried carrots, etc., we can provide customers with suitable carrot processing solutions.
Professional carrot brush washing machine can help you achieve higher carrot processing equipment.
The carrot washing machine is designed and manufactured by our Gelgoog company through a number of improvements and optimization features. Especially used for cleaning carrots and vegetables. 
The carrot washing machine design is made of high-quality materials. Non-corrosive, clean and hygienic, the hair roller is not easy to deform. The cleaning roller is a nylon wire rolled material processed by a special process, and the peeling is a hardened material. Both are durable and have good wear resistance.
Reduced labor costs and labor intensity, stable technical department performance, high efficiency, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life, etc.
Our carrot cleaning and peeling machine also has the function of polishing. The entire equipment cleans the carrots very well, making it easy for our customers to sell carrots.

Contact us freely, if you need the carrot cleaning machine for your business. 
Technical Data
Carrot Washing And Polishing Machine Power(KW) Size(mm) Capacity(KG/H) Weight(KG) Roller Size(mm)
GGXM800 1.1 1600*850*800 400 220 800
GGXM1000 1.5 1800*850*800 600 260 1000
GGXM1200 1.5 2000*850*800 800 280 1200
GGXM1500 2.2 2300*850*800 1000 320 1500
GGXM2000 3 2800*850*800 1500 420 2000
GGXM2600 4.37 3100*850*1450 2000 600 2600

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